I started a collection called “Retro LGBTQ+“, which you can purchase merch and prints from in my shop.

The first design of the “collection” was created in december ’19 and was for asexuals.
It is scary to me how some people seem to still have such a hard time in dealing with someone in their surrounding being gray-, demi- or asexual or even accepting them.
Whatever the reason is, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t valid.
Your feelings are valid. Your experiences are valid. So are you.

Like many others it took me a long road to find out about asexuality. I was attracted to diverse people, not caring about their gender. I first thought I was bisexual, then discovered pansexuality which fitted more.
But never could anything describe how I really felt. Sure I was attracted to people regardless of their gender, simply not sexually, more like aesthetically and romantically.
Like many other though I wasn’t sure if I was “asexual enough”. Listening to a lot of asexuals and their stories, it took me until last year to understand that in fact I was “panromantic asexual”.
I don’t know where on the spectrum I am, but I don’t care. Just the fact to know that I am not alone and people out there understand, is relieving.
It was a long and hard road to go especially since asexuality is something that still isn’t talked about enough.
Many people grow up without knowing that it’s a sexual orientation like others or without knowing that it even exists.

As part of the LGBTQ+ Community I myself know that it is sometimes hard to find designs, be it on clothing or accessories, which show your pride in a more subtle way especially in everyday life.
We want to show our pride but it shouldn’t be a label that defines us, right?
That’s why I decided to start a whole “collection” around this topic, in which the designs have various pride flags in them but in more subtle way.

Again I don’t think that labels should define us, because you are more than that.
You are you.
But finding a definition of what describes your feelings, finding a definition that helps you understand yourself better and knowing that you are not alone is helpful and may take so much off of your shoulders. Because sometimes it doesn’t sound like it could be a big deal, but for some people it is something they really struggle with.
Everyone wants to know who they are, right?

This train of thought was the inspiration for “Retro LGBTQ”. I had shared my first designs on on my instagram account @yukiryuuzetsuart but decided to create, @retrolgbtq, an account that is only dedicated to designs for sexual orientations and gender identities.
The collection though borrows a little space from my regular shop where I upload artworks on various merchandise. Like this project? Check it out! 

Hello! How are you?
The last weeks have been quite and for a reason:
My first real exhibition opened yesterday! Wohoo~ ! ♥
And what’s awesome too is that one of my artworks has been sold too! The buyer will get it at the end of the exhibition and honestly seeing him was a big surprise because it’s someone with whom I’m working on a project! He said he saw that I had an exhibition in the newspaper and that he decided to surprise me and I swear he did. xD I was shaken.
Right, anyway this experience is really exiting. And this is only the beginning …
I feel like the last weeks brought back my motivation and energy. I’ve realized that even though I knew what I wanted I didn’t really move. Isn’t it that sometimes we feel misunderstood and overseen and in the next moment we’ll realize that we don’t even understand ourselves? How are others supposed to understand you or to see you a certain way if you don’t do it yourself? How are others supposed to acknowledge and take you serious when you don’t yourself? You might not even realize that you don’t, but if you did believe in yourself then you wouldn’t struggle to move on towards your dreams or not? At the same time sometimes we need to stumble and fall to rediscover ourselves, don’t we?

Sometimes life moves on so fast that we almost lose sight of all the little things surrounding us. It is now that your living not yesterday, not in an hour and not tomorrow. Right now whatever you’re doing is the moment to live.

Do what you love and live your life after all no one can take it away from you but you yourself. So move on and live the moment. Our thoughts form our reality, don’t they?
If that’s the case than you’re capable of everything. — An ye harm none, do what ye will.

Btw. I made a Flyer for the exhibition and thought you might be interested in it that’s you’ll see it at the end of the post. (It’s only the front page though)

Blessed be. ♥

Exhibition "Herbstflimmern" Flyer
Artwork and Design by yukiryuuzetsuart (me)