I’ve always been told that my art is very emotional eventually sad or melancholic, too.
To me art is a way of describing and sharing your feelings, sharing your thoughts without having to say something.
It is clear that the viewers will all interpret the artwork differently even when their interpretation is similar, but it’s interesting.
I like to say that art isn’t only a way to express yourself, but also a way to connect with people in a non-verbal way.
The most beautiful thing is that someone out there might be looking at your art feeling relieved by it.
As if the artwork understood, what they had thought or felt in this very moment.
You might even save someone’s day or even someone’s life with your art.

Emotions come in various forms. They are happiness, joy, sadness, anger, emptiness, gratitude, grief. The list is endless.
Yet I realized that sometimes people are afraid of “negative” emotions linked with emotional pain.
But to be honest I don’t see them as “bad”. How can they be bad or negative if we have them?
These feelings are there, and they are valid. There’s nothing wrong with it. There’s nothing about it to be ashamed of. You feel sad? It’s okay. You feel hurt? It’s okay. You’re angry? It’s okay. Feeling empty? Yes, even this is okay. You don’t need a reason not to be okay. If you’re not okay then you aren’t and you don’t have to justify your sadness, your pain to anyone.
Just don’t push it away.

Vulnerability is nothing to be scared of. I am vulnerable and that’s okay.
This doesn’t make me any less strong, optimistic, or cheerful.

Art is a way of self-care. If you can’t explain it, if it feels too hard to talk about it, then write it, paint it, sing it. Art is endless.

If someone tells you that your art is so sad and dark, then so it is. If they believe that because your art is vulnerable then you must be too, so it is.
If someone tells you that you must be sad because your art is too, but you know that you aren’t or aren’t any more so it is and it is not their place to tell you that you are not.
Kindly remind them, “Yes, I might be vulnerable, but that’s okay. It makes me who I am.” because who could always be happy and positive. Don’t we all have our ups and downs?
Isn’t vulnerability part of the reason why we’re alive?

Emotions in art. Don’t push them away or even suppress them.
Allow them into creative process.

Hello it’s me! I am back and a lot happened e.g. I have a new mini job, many projects that are up to come yet (stay tuned!) … and a lot of overthinking over everything and anything- lol. As said before I got a new mini job which I couldn’t be more grateful for. It is creative and has to do with illustration. Most of it can be done from home and it’s quite chilly. What it has to do with the title?

Inspiration was last Friday. For lunch break it came out that I wouldn’t eat meat nor fish and out of curiosity I got asked why. You’ll have to know that I am not vegan but I don’t consider myself as fully vegetarian either, since I barely consume eggs or dairy products. (Please keep in mind that this post is not here to tell you what you have to eat and what not)

Today I am going to share with you first of all why I stopped eating meat and fish and how it lead me to where I am today. I will also share with you what it has changed in me without me intending it. (Sorry for using “I” and “me” this xD Does anyone else also feels guilty when they use these a lot?)

I wasn’t always a vegetarian. It started in 2011 when I stopped eating meat besides chicken and fish which also stayed in my diet. This choice had two main reasons. One was my love for animals and two a friend inspired me. I decided to take things out of my diet slowly. After a mental break down in 2014 I decided to completely take out meat out of my diet. I’ve always been interested in spirituality but also articles said that it could help. So I listened to my guts and as it felt right, I stopped eating meat. I’ve always lived in Germany due to my mother who is German, but since my father is French my sister and I grew up franco-german bilingual and binational, which made us spend a lot of time in France, like being in summer camp but also in our little house in a small village at the seaside. This village being a fishermen’s village fish was a tradition which made it harder for me to keep fish out of my diet, especially when I was in France. As I realized though that it really improved my mental health I decided to go fully vegetarian in 2015. Of course loving animals from the bottom of my heart was a reason too. I couldn’t bare eating them anymore. As time passed I couldn’t even see myself eating meat nor fish anymore. Soon dairy products and eggs became rare too.

The main reasons for me stop eating meat and fish were:
1. Loving animals
2. Inspiration by a friend, spirituality/faith and blog articles
3. Mental Health Issues
4. Contradiction between e.g. not eating rabbits because their cute but eating cows

Now what changed within me:
Before I stopped eating meat and fish, I didn’t really enjoy cooking. It was more of a making noodles and that’s it thing. This means the approach to food changed not only because I would cook a lot more but also the way I cherished food. Spending time in the kitchen to really cook meal and savor it became more enjoyable. Of course as previously said I loved animals but it’s so hard to describe how deep this love changed. It sounds weird but it’s as if you can love someone but not realize how much you care for them until you really embrace them into your life. If that makes sense?
Also, how much it had to with my beliefs wasn’t something I’ve ever realized until last year.

Let’s talk about mental health issues. As said before it was clear that it could maybe help improve them but the time I realized how much it really helped was during another mental breakdown in 2017, because yes it sucked but the way I handled it was way different from before in 2014, like in a positive way. I felt horrible but I approached things differently and I experienced them differently. I’m not trying to say that eating no meat was everything to how I perceived this situation but I definitely experienced how much your diet can affect your mental health which I really wasn’t that conscious about before.
It’s so interesting to see how one can make decisions for various reasons and how sometimes they’ll benefit from it even more than what they’ve expected to gain out of it beforehand.

My view of life changed and changing my diet was part of it but my mental health issues played a big part in it too. Would you be interested in me talking about mental health and how it changed my view of life in another blog post? Did you also make changes in your life that you benefit from more than what you’ve expected them to do? Share your story and let’s get inspired.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and have a great day … or evening (xD) ! Wherever you’re from.

I am a sloth. No seriously the last weeks have been quiet on this blog.

To be honest with you the last months felt like roller coasters. I had a mini job which I quit because of a few reasons which I’m not going to complain about here. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still young which is why I struggle with having a job so much or if it’s a general thing. The mere thought of having a job makes me extremely unhappy and miserable. You’ll probably tell me not to complain about it or something like that which I can understand, but see I was never someone who wanted to do this one thing for the rest of my life. I studied Illustration and Graphic Design which was amazing and to be honest with you this school knew that a lot of us were planning on becoming self-employed. I love making illustration, doing art and also designing — yes! — but also do I love writing poetry or editing videos. For me having a mini job or a part-time job is for the purpose of paying insurances etc. but somehow having a job is tiring me out so much. All I want is to do what I love. Why am I telling you this? Because talking about it made me realize that in my surroundings there were others having similar feelings and maybe you can relate too, also did help me to get to know myself better.

I’ve been running in circles for months now and I still don’t know how to deal with it. So if there’s anyone self-employed or someone who struggled with similar problems out there reading this then you’re welcome to give me some advice or tell me about how you did it.

Actually the lasts months surprised me. I got three storyboards in commission two of

them are for the same person. There was a flyer to do. I had an exhibition with now three upcoming ones. There’s eventually a collaboration coming up and I mean things are slowly building up. But I don’t know what to do about the mini-job or part-time job because it feels so wrong. It’s really depressing.
Do you have any advice on how I could still do it?

Next upload will be more uplifting I swear but right now I’m really stuck. This is it and as I said you’re welcome to give some advice or tell me your story.

Have a great day. And whatever happens enjoy your life. All you can do is learn from up and downs and grow. You’re loved.