I realize again how important it is not to lose sight of your dreams and your goals, which is easy to in the world we live in.
It’s easy to forget who you are and where you’re from. Sure we change every day and who you are today is someone else then who you’ll be tomorrow, but this doesn’t change the fact that only you really know who you are and what is right for you.
I’m also not talking about remembering “where you’re from” in terms of a home or a place. It is more a metaphor to describe where you started from and what made you choose the path you’ve taken. Is this what you want or did someone else tell you to do it? Or not literally tell you to do it, but something put you under pressure that this had to be your way, even though you felt that it was completely against your nature and that it just didn’t feel right. How can something that weights on your shoulders, something that feels so heavy to the point that even your heart is hitting against the walls telling you that ‘this is not you’ be the right path?

Maybe you’re depressed, emotional, vulnerable and hurt but this doesn’t deprive you of knowing what’s best for you, doesn’t it?
Sometimes we care so much about what other people say until we start believing that they’re right even when we know that they were wrong.
Don’t lose hope, don’t lose your dreams, believe in yourself, trust yourself and listen to your intuition … because that’s who you are.

For me, I might be introverted and quiet but it doesn’t make me less confident nor optimistic. In fact, I know exactly what I want.
I just don’t like to get stuck onto a dream. Whilst having goals and dreams is a good thing I know very well that sometimes things just turn out differently than expected.
This isn’t bad as long as you’re happy.
Yet just because things turn out differently at one time it doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to continue chasing after your dreams. Just don’t rush it and take your time.
And if you feel that a dream isn’t you any more because everyone grows, then don’t hold onto it just because you feel obligated to. Again this is your life and your decisions to make.

After seven months I’ve finally uploaded a new painting timelapse to my YouTube channel. I’m going to try to be more active on YouTube now in general. So if you’re interested in speedpaints, animatic, poetry, lots of nature and if you like hearing my thoughts on various topics then check out my YouTube channel. ♥

Wish you all a very belated Happy New Year!
Hopefully your year started well. ♥

The last weeks have been quite overwhelming and today I’ll share it with you. In January, I had my second exhibition opening. It’s going on until 31st of March.
The audience attending the overture was extremely poor but things turned out better than I could have asked for. Even though there was basically no one I still am grateful to say that we had a great conversation with the communes’ mayor. He told me that after all what’s really important is who visits the exhibition in general and not who is there at the overture. His words were quite motivating as I think he’s kinda right. He also asked for a commission! Thanks to the exhibition a week later I got an email from the newspaper who asked me for an interview which really was mind-blowing for me and to be honest it literally made me nervous. But it was a great experience and it felt great to see something happening. It simply made me happy to have my work be recognized. Sometimes it’s easy to stay blind to the progresses you’re making. Even though you see little things moving forward it may feel like nothings progressing. Like for example there’s this small art and craft market that I’ve been attending as an artist since … must be something like 2014? It’s been quite a few years now and of course there are more people who now remember me, there is a rise in sales and more business cards that are being taken with compared to when I first started doing this, but sometimes it feels like nothing’s going on.

Last year and this one especially feels like a blessing. Not only about the exhibitions or the fact that there’s an article of me in the newspaper, but also the small increase in commissions. Yeah, it’s not much but to me personally the progress that I’m making is much more visible and it’s motivating. These are small steps and I’m far away from making a living from art and other that but at least it’s something. Even small steps are steps forward. Also, to have friends, family or even strangers who support you in what you’re doing can be really motivating and it’s something to be grateful for. What I want to say is: Before you get discouraged please count in the small steps that you’re making because they’re as much worth it as the big steps. Everyone has their own space. Just because you need three days to finish an artwork and someone else only needs one day doesn’t mean you’re less talented.

Everyone has their own way of doing things and none is better or worse. If it works for you than it’s good. You don’t need 1k of followers on Instagram to prove what you’re capable of. Care less about what others will say and do what makes you happy.

You’re loved.
Have a great day. ♥

A short blog post about what’s going on …
Starting of with my new “main” art shop. If you follow me on instagram or if you’ve been on my website you may have stumbled upon my artworks, which you possibly even liked. If you did then you’re probably interested in checking out my new art shop on spreadshirt. Link to the art shop
It would mean a lot to me knowing that my art actually speaks people so if you feel like supporting me then you’re welcome to follow me on social media or check out my website.

What’s up next? It’s also about art and an upcoming comic.
I’m not telling much, but it’s going to be a series of short one-page comics about life. (slice of life) I don’t know yet when I’ll start with the uploads but I’ll keep you updated.
Anyway for those who like cute and relatable things, this might be interesting.

I now take Tattoo Design Commission (only the Design not the final Tattoo), price range is between 40 and 120 euro depending on the complexity of the motive.
Here’s an example of a design that I’ve done already:
Please do not reuse the design, as it is customized for the person who’ll wear it and therefore personal.

Snake Commission
Snake Design (A Tattoo Design Commission)

If you’re interested in commissioning me you may contact me here or on social media.

A lot is going on right now and even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, I’m still moving forward. Whatever your dreams are NEVER give up.
I know sometimes we’d love to simply let it be, because sometimes it sounds easier, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever the path you chose looks like, you’ll always come across hurdles. Even if your dreams feels out of reach and far away you’re getting closer step by step. Someone else might be there sooner, but remember this is not a competition, it’s you who want to reach your dreams and you do it your way. If you’re slower than someone else than don’t let this disturb you, because everyone has their own pace of doing things.

I’m going to leave with this for now.
Blessed be.

Hello! How are you?
The last weeks have been quite and for a reason:
My first real exhibition opened yesterday! Wohoo~ ! ♥
And what’s awesome too is that one of my artworks has been sold too! The buyer will get it at the end of the exhibition and honestly seeing him was a big surprise because it’s someone with whom I’m working on a project! He said he saw that I had an exhibition in the newspaper and that he decided to surprise me and I swear he did. xD I was shaken.
Right, anyway this experience is really exiting. And this is only the beginning …
I feel like the last weeks brought back my motivation and energy. I’ve realized that even though I knew what I wanted I didn’t really move. Isn’t it that sometimes we feel misunderstood and overseen and in the next moment we’ll realize that we don’t even understand ourselves? How are others supposed to understand you or to see you a certain way if you don’t do it yourself? How are others supposed to acknowledge and take you serious when you don’t yourself? You might not even realize that you don’t, but if you did believe in yourself then you wouldn’t struggle to move on towards your dreams or not? At the same time sometimes we need to stumble and fall to rediscover ourselves, don’t we?

Sometimes life moves on so fast that we almost lose sight of all the little things surrounding us. It is now that your living not yesterday, not in an hour and not tomorrow. Right now whatever you’re doing is the moment to live.

Do what you love and live your life after all no one can take it away from you but you yourself. So move on and live the moment. Our thoughts form our reality, don’t they?
If that’s the case than you’re capable of everything. — An ye harm none, do what ye will.

Btw. I made a Flyer for the exhibition and thought you might be interested in it that’s you’ll see it at the end of the post. (It’s only the front page though)

Blessed be. ♥

Exhibition "Herbstflimmern" Flyer
Artwork and Design by yukiryuuzetsuart (me)


Hello it’s me! I am back and a lot happened e.g. I have a new mini job, many projects that are up to come yet (stay tuned!) … and a lot of overthinking over everything and anything- lol. As said before I got a new mini job which I couldn’t be more grateful for. It is creative and has to do with illustration. Most of it can be done from home and it’s quite chilly. What it has to do with the title?

Inspiration was last Friday. For lunch break it came out that I wouldn’t eat meat nor fish and out of curiosity I got asked why. You’ll have to know that I am not vegan but I don’t consider myself as fully vegetarian either, since I barely consume eggs or dairy products. (Please keep in mind that this post is not here to tell you what you have to eat and what not)

Today I am going to share with you first of all why I stopped eating meat and fish and how it lead me to where I am today. I will also share with you what it has changed in me without me intending it. (Sorry for using “I” and “me” this xD Does anyone else also feels guilty when they use these a lot?)

I wasn’t always a vegetarian. It started in 2011 when I stopped eating meat besides chicken and fish which also stayed in my diet. This choice had two main reasons. One was my love for animals and two a friend inspired me. I decided to take things out of my diet slowly. After a mental break down in 2014 I decided to completely take out meat out of my diet. I’ve always been interested in spirituality but also articles said that it could help. So I listened to my guts and as it felt right, I stopped eating meat. I’ve always lived in Germany due to my mother who is German, but since my father is French my sister and I grew up franco-german bilingual and binational, which made us spend a lot of time in France, like being in summer camp but also in our little house in a small village at the seaside. This village being a fishermen’s village fish was a tradition which made it harder for me to keep fish out of my diet, especially when I was in France. As I realized though that it really improved my mental health I decided to go fully vegetarian in 2015. Of course loving animals from the bottom of my heart was a reason too. I couldn’t bare eating them anymore. As time passed I couldn’t even see myself eating meat nor fish anymore. Soon dairy products and eggs became rare too.

The main reasons for me stop eating meat and fish were:
1. Loving animals
2. Inspiration by a friend, spirituality/faith and blog articles
3. Mental Health Issues
4. Contradiction between e.g. not eating rabbits because their cute but eating cows

Now what changed within me:
Before I stopped eating meat and fish, I didn’t really enjoy cooking. It was more of a making noodles and that’s it thing. This means the approach to food changed not only because I would cook a lot more but also the way I cherished food. Spending time in the kitchen to really cook meal and savor it became more enjoyable. Of course as previously said I loved animals but it’s so hard to describe how deep this love changed. It sounds weird but it’s as if you can love someone but not realize how much you care for them until you really embrace them into your life. If that makes sense?
Also, how much it had to with my beliefs wasn’t something I’ve ever realized until last year.

Let’s talk about mental health issues. As said before it was clear that it could maybe help improve them but the time I realized how much it really helped was during another mental breakdown in 2017, because yes it sucked but the way I handled it was way different from before in 2014, like in a positive way. I felt horrible but I approached things differently and I experienced them differently. I’m not trying to say that eating no meat was everything to how I perceived this situation but I definitely experienced how much your diet can affect your mental health which I really wasn’t that conscious about before.
It’s so interesting to see how one can make decisions for various reasons and how sometimes they’ll benefit from it even more than what they’ve expected to gain out of it beforehand.

My view of life changed and changing my diet was part of it but my mental health issues played a big part in it too. Would you be interested in me talking about mental health and how it changed my view of life in another blog post? Did you also make changes in your life that you benefit from more than what you’ve expected them to do? Share your story and let’s get inspired.

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and have a great day … or evening (xD) ! Wherever you’re from.