I started a collection called “Retro LGBTQ+“, which you can purchase merch and prints from in my shop.

The first design of the “collection” was created in december ’19 and was for asexuals.
It is scary to me how some people seem to still have such a hard time in dealing with someone in their surrounding being gray-, demi- or asexual or even accepting them.
Whatever the reason is, never let anyone tell you that you aren’t valid.
Your feelings are valid. Your experiences are valid. So are you.

Like many others it took me a long road to find out about asexuality. I was attracted to diverse people, not caring about their gender. I first thought I was bisexual, then discovered pansexuality which fitted more.
But never could anything describe how I really felt. Sure I was attracted to people regardless of their gender, simply not sexually, more like aesthetically and romantically.
Like many other though I wasn’t sure if I was “asexual enough”. Listening to a lot of asexuals and their stories, it took me until last year to understand that in fact I was “panromantic asexual”.
I don’t know where on the spectrum I am, but I don’t care. Just the fact to know that I am not alone and people out there understand, is relieving.
It was a long and hard road to go especially since asexuality is something that still isn’t talked about enough.
Many people grow up without knowing that it’s a sexual orientation like others or without knowing that it even exists.

As part of the LGBTQ+ Community I myself know that it is sometimes hard to find designs, be it on clothing or accessories, which show your pride in a more subtle way especially in everyday life.
We want to show our pride but it shouldn’t be a label that defines us, right?
That’s why I decided to start a whole “collection” around this topic, in which the designs have various pride flags in them but in more subtle way.

Again I don’t think that labels should define us, because you are more than that.
You are you.
But finding a definition of what describes your feelings, finding a definition that helps you understand yourself better and knowing that you are not alone is helpful and may take so much off of your shoulders. Because sometimes it doesn’t sound like it could be a big deal, but for some people it is something they really struggle with.
Everyone wants to know who they are, right?

This train of thought was the inspiration for “Retro LGBTQ”. I had shared my first designs on on my instagram account @yukiryuuzetsuart but decided to create, @retrolgbtq, an account that is only dedicated to designs for sexual orientations and gender identities.
The collection though borrows a little space from my regular shop where I upload artworks on various merchandise. Like this project? Check it out! 

A short blog post about what’s going on …
Starting of with my new “main” art shop. If you follow me on instagram or if you’ve been on my website you may have stumbled upon my artworks, which you possibly even liked. If you did then you’re probably interested in checking out my new art shop on spreadshirt. Link to the art shop
It would mean a lot to me knowing that my art actually speaks people so if you feel like supporting me then you’re welcome to follow me on social media or check out my website.

What’s up next? It’s also about art and an upcoming comic.
I’m not telling much, but it’s going to be a series of short one-page comics about life. (slice of life) I don’t know yet when I’ll start with the uploads but I’ll keep you updated.
Anyway for those who like cute and relatable things, this might be interesting.

I now take Tattoo Design Commission (only the Design not the final Tattoo), price range is between 40 and 120 euro depending on the complexity of the motive.
Here’s an example of a design that I’ve done already:
Please do not reuse the design, as it is customized for the person who’ll wear it and therefore personal.

Snake Commission
Snake Design (A Tattoo Design Commission)

If you’re interested in commissioning me you may contact me here or on social media.

A lot is going on right now and even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like it, I’m still moving forward. Whatever your dreams are NEVER give up.
I know sometimes we’d love to simply let it be, because sometimes it sounds easier, but it doesn’t have to be. Whatever the path you chose looks like, you’ll always come across hurdles. Even if your dreams feels out of reach and far away you’re getting closer step by step. Someone else might be there sooner, but remember this is not a competition, it’s you who want to reach your dreams and you do it your way. If you’re slower than someone else than don’t let this disturb you, because everyone has their own pace of doing things.

I’m going to leave with this for now.
Blessed be.

Today is information day. Sorry, not sorry. It has to be done. First things first: I HAVE NEWS! I now know that my next exhibition will start on November 9th at 4pm! (This year in the Marienkloster in Düren-Niederau/Germany btw.)

This is so exciting because it’s my first time experiencing an exhibition this way, with opening and what’s all around. There’s also a musician. Like a guitarist, and they said he was young to, and they think it’ll match and I can’t wait to hear what he’s doing!
Are you interested in seeing a bit from the progress for the exhibition and the exhibition itself when it’ll be time? Let me know in the comments.

What’s new? Actually today I opened commissions for custom hand-painted clothing and accessories. (See Featured image) So for those interested you may contact me here.

Also this is not all that I’m doing. For those who don’t know: I’m an artist that does a little graphic design, too. You can check all information about commissions whether it’s illustration or graphic design here.

Don’t forget to check out my portfolio and for those who like what they see check out my social media (especially Instagram @yukiryuuzetsuart) for regular updates and lots of artworks, sketches and doodles.

Last but not least:
Just wondering … Do you also feel guilty when using words like I,my, me all the time?

This was a short post. Next one won’t be. Promise.

Have a great day or sleep well! ♥