Hey, I am ‘Yuki Ryuuzetsu’ which of course isn’t my real name, but a pseudonym and my nickname. I am glad to have you here.
You are welcome.

My real name is Dominique Marlier. I was born in December 1995. I am binational/bilingual (french-german) and grew up in Germany. After completing my studies in design at the vocational college, from 2015 to 2019 I have studied illustration and graphic design in Cologne.

I am a young artist who besides illustrating and designing, likes writing, editing videos and cosplaying. I love reading. I enjoy spending time in nature and I love animal.

For now that is all I have to say, so I wish you all a great day.
If you have any questions left than don’t hesitate and feel free to contact me through the contact formula or by sending me an e-mail straight away.


Any questions left? You may contact me by filling in the form or by mailing me directly through yuki.ryuuzetsu.art@gmail.com.