Hey, I am ‘Yuki Ryuuzetsu’ which of course isn’t my real name, but a pseudonym and my nickname. I’m glad to have you here.
You’re welcome.

My real name is Dominique Marlier.
I was born in Dezember 1995
I am binational/bilingual (french-german) and I grew up in a very small village in the west of Germany.

Currently I am studying Illustration and Graphic Design in Cologne.
I’m a young artist who mainly loves illustrating and writing, but sometimes also enjoys designing.
I’ve been working on personal projects may it be single illustrations or bigger projects, since quite a long time.
I’ve worked on some Illustration and Design related comissions from which some of them are exposed on this page.
I wrote a bunch of poems, which I started sharing very early, so if you like reading there are a lot of them in the ‘Writing’ file.

Besides illustrating, writing and designing, in my freetime I also like editing videos and cosplaying. I love reading. I juggle. I enjoy spending time in nature without taking care of time. Last but not least I love animals from the bottom of my heart. They are friends who I just can’t eat.

That’s it for now. Don’t be afraid to contact me if there’s any questions left.

Have a great day. ♥