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Hey. I’m ‘Yuki’ at least that’s what my friends have been calling me like for years now.
I was born in December 1995
I am binational/bilingual (french-german) and grew up in a very small village in the west of Germany.

I’m currently studying Illustration and Graphic Design in Cologne.
I’m a young artist who who obviously loves illustrating.
When it comes to drawing and painting, I love experimenting which basically means that I vary a lot between which tools I used (digital and traditional). My favourites are ink and watercolors though.

Besides illustrating and designing, in my freetime I also like writing, editing videos and cosplaying.
I love reading. I enjoy the silence and beauty of nature a lot.
I also love animals from the bottom of my heart. They are friends who I just can’t eat.
And at last, I love dreaming … a lot.
For now that’s it.
If you’re interested in my work then feel free to check out my website.

Have a great day. ♥

01.07.2020 – Emotions in Art

I’ve always been told that my art is very emotional eventually sad or melancholic, too. To me art is a way of describing and sharing your feelings, sharing your thoughts without having to say something. It is clear that the viewers will all interpret the artwork differently even when their interpretation is similar, but it’s…

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02.02.2020 – Step by Step

Wish you all a very belated Happy New Year! Hopefully your year started well. ♥ The last weeks have been quite overwhelming and today I’ll share it with you. In January, I had my second exhibition opening. It’s going on until 31st of March. The audience attending the overture was extremely poor but things turned…

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