Where are you?

Where are you?

I’m kinda sad

Or should I say that I’m mad?

I shouldn’t be angry,

But the fact that you won’t answer hurts me.

I still love you,

But realize that you don’t have a clue

About what’s going on in my head.

Since you don’t even know what I said.

Like the fact that I need you,

Because I don’t know what to do.

When you won’t pick up the phone

And you leave me alone,

With this sadness and madness.

Yesterday I cried all of my tears out.

I was in pain and screamed out loud.

But you won’t hear my sorrow

Until you’ll look on your phone tomorrow.

And look at all those messages from yesterday

When my world seemed so gray,

When I felt so lonely

And my mind killed me slowly.

When my heart felt all numb and I felt so dumb,

Because I was so weak and I wanted to speak.

But since you left me lonely without listening

I felt like the things I wanted to say were uninteresting.

So I asked myself if … maybe I was just annoying?

I swear those thoughts were really disappointing.


Than again I asked myself, if should go back to my old self

That I should trust no one, but myself.

Yet I remembered the things you said

And that you’d surely miss me if I was dead …

Just because I couldn’t handle this chaos inside my head.

I swear I put all my heart in you

And I believed every word you said was true.

So let’s keep it this way

Because I’m sure you will stay.

You know? It’s the things I pray about every night.

That your presence makes the way so bright,

Because you’re aura is my light.


Please forgive me for the thoughts I had.

I wasn’t really mad, just a little upset.

Yet don’t worry, I’m still so glad that we met

And that you came in my life.

I’m grateful, because I’m happy but not always alright.

I won’t keep this poem going on to long.

I’m not here to blame you, too.

It’s just not what I’m used to do.

After all I know that I’m the one who was wrong,

Because I still have to learn how to stay strong.

I shouldn’t be upset about something like that

And be reassured I’ll finally stop it with the chitchat.

I’ll be fine. You don’t have to worry.

I guess I’ll keep most of it on my own with me.

Just one last time, let me say ‘Thank you and I love you.’

But please … next time can you be there when I really need you?


~ made by ‘Yuki’


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