In fact I hate this.

Because sometimes I’m fine and than sometimes I’m not.

I hate this because sometimes, I can’t shut down my thoughts.

Sometimes everything is fine and I’m all good.

And in the next seconds my thoughts starts killing me and I’m not fine anymore.

Sometimes my thoughts are all positive and life is great and than …

In the next seconds all of this is gone.


Negativity starts dripping through my head and I’m thinking about dying.

Me? I am thinking about dying?

Me who loves living so much?

Because life is great and we should enjoy it to the fullest, right?

Life is a gift.

We’re given with something so beautiful and that’s all that matters.

But yet sometimes all of this beauty drips away and I …

I want to die and …

I don’t even know what I’m feeling, because sometimes I’m feeling everything at the same time

And sometimes I’m feeling nothing at all. Like, I’m numb.

And than the next day I’ll throw a party with my demons and I’ll do weird things.


Sometimes people think I’m crazy, because I’m having fun and I’m doing shit that doesn’t make sense.

Sometimes people think I’m crazy, because I’m talking senseless promiscuous things.

Sometimes I’m scared of annoying people with my nonsense.

But you know what? They laugh.

And that is beautiful.

Sometimes I do all of this, because I want everyone to be happy.

Sometimes I do all of this, because I want everyone to have fun.

Sometimes I do all of this, because I find it pointless to take life to serious.

Because life isn’t made to take it serious, right?


The truth is that we’re all scared of ‘What if?’ situations.

And instead of just doing what we want to do, we spend our time with this thing called fear.

If I can waste time in fear, than where’s the point in being here?

Fear is a really unkind person don’t you think so, too?

I hate fear.

Sometimes even though I know how bad fear is, I’m still trying to spent my time with it.

Because I want to see the good in everyone.

Because that’s what people do right?

See … Even the Light and the Darkness, likes each other.

They’re always together, aren’t they?


Sometimes I want to die.

Sometimes I want to live.

And yet, even though sometimes we’re struggling, we love it don’t we?

Because sometimes deep in our heart we still love living.

Because in fact life is beautiful.

That’s why sometimes I wish I could tell the whole world how beautiful they are.


~ made by ‘Yuki’


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