Have you ever thought about the meaning of the word ‘art’ ?
I mean ‘art’ is such a big word, like it could be literally anything.
Mostly art is used as a term for drawing and painting.
In small conditions it is also used for music or poetry, because afterwards people realize that they also created something when they wrote a spoken word poem or a song.
And that’s the point. ‘Art’ is considered as ‘art’, because we create something.
So cooking must be art as well, right ?
The tree that you planted in the garden one year ago is art as well, right ?
The tree. Tree of life.
Living is art.
You create your own story.
You make choices. You philosophize about life.
Creating questions after questions.
Without finding an answer.
Because that’s how life is.
I mean in the end everyone is an artist.
And if you love creating, than love your life.

It’s your life not anyone elses one.
So create your own life. Be the artist of your life.
Be who you want to be. Be true to yourself, because you’re the only one who really knows who you are and what makes you feel complete.
Don’t give up. It’s to easy.
You’re awesome.

~ made by ‘Yuki’


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