Mother Earth


So on sunday I went out for a walk. I spend the whole afternoon outside and than I got inspired for this painting, that I simply called ‘Mother Earth’

I’m living in the countryside so you can guess … there’s a lot of nature, with a forest and planes. I love this.

You know ? I love this moment when your alone in the nature. Just by yourself. No ones talking. You’re thoughts are gone taken away by mother earth. Silence. Just here and now is what’s important.

Loved by Mother Earth. She cares so much about us and we tend to forget that so often.
So beautiful and lovely. I love nature.

Take a deep breath and inhale the air. Feel the cold or warm wind whatever the season may be. Listen to the trees. Listen to the birds.

We are gifted. We should be grateful to Mother Earth for giving us a home.

Thank you ♥

I sketched the whole idea with a charcoal pencil and then colored the whole painting with watercolors.

I hope you enjoy a somewhat different post from what I usually do. 🙂


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