Let’s have fun.

Life goes up and down.

Life goes up and down.

And don’t expect it to be perfect everyday.

‘Nobody’s perfect.’

Well, nothing’s perfect too.

What would you do if life was so easy ?

No obstacles.

No falling down.

No slipping away.

Well, in a game you wouldn’t complain about obstacles.

No one would.

I mean a game without obstacles is boring, right ?

Quests. Quests contain obstacles.

Tests. Missions to complete.

And yeah, most of them are full of obstacles.

Because that’s more entertaining.

Right! Life’s a game.

Taking life to serious is boring.

Have fun.

Why bothering with asking ‘What if ?’

If you think this way every second you’ll never move.

‘What if …? – How annoying.

How about taking risks ?

I mean taking risks isn’t the same as being reckless.

So, what about living your life to the fullest ?

Embracing the bad days as much as the good days.

Loving life.

Having fun.

Right, let’s have fun.

After all, no one said that life was going to be easy.

~ made by ‘Yuki’


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