I’m waiting.

Do you know what hurts ?

As I hear your voice I can see you drowning.

Falling deeper and deeper.

Your words, your thoughts are filled with suffering.

Everything is numb.

Your eyes piercing through the future without knowing where to go.

And you drown and you drown.

Running away from your shadows.


I can hear you screaming through the whole universe.

And it’s getting louder and louder.

And I can do nothing.

I can do nothing.

As much as I try to pull you out of this dark room.

You’re always pulled back by your shadows.

What can do ? …

I can stay. I can stay.

I’ll lighten your way as much as I can and I hope …

I hope that it’s helpful.

At least a bit.

I wish that one day you’ll stop putting on this mask.

Smiling. Lying.

I can feel it. I can feel your pain.

Do you get this ? Do you believe me ?

Every word. Every silence. Every everything.


You’re not alone.

Do you believe that or is it all gone ? Hope ?

Right now it feels like there’s a big wall without issues around you, I know.

But, please ! Don’t give up.

Can you hear me ?

I’m staying behind the wall and I’ll stay there until I die and longer.

Believe me or not, I’ll break the walls.

So please help breaking them. FOR YOU.

I’m waiting.

So when you’re ready than you can tell me.

If you need help: Tell me.

I’m waiting.

I’m going to sit down and try to think about how we can break this wall down, okay ?

So if you need anything, just tell me I’m right here and …

I can hear you.
~ made by ‘Yuki’


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