Skinny Girls

Skinny girls.

All I see are skinny girls.

All I see is this girl standing in front of the mirror saying things like

“Mirror Mirror why are all those girls skinny and pretty ?

Mirror Mirror why am I not ?

Mirror Mirror I feel so clumpsy, so what about me ?”

She scrolls down on tumblr looking at all those beautiful girls.

I mean look at them, they just look so perfect, so beautiful, so special.

So what about this girl in front of the Mirror ?

Why doesn’t she feel as beautiful as she see the girls on tumblr ?

She scrolls down on indie style.

They can wear everything they want.

They just look beautiful.

And this girl that stop in front of the mirror a while ago, goes down the streets.

Everytime she goes by a shop she looks at the window.

Looking at her reflection.

Looking at the reflection of other girls.

Why can’t she be skinny as well.

The problem is that even though people keep telling her she’s beautiful,

All she can say is “Thank you.”

Because all she sees is her body.

She’s fine with her hair, she’s fine with her face,

She’s even fine with her character even if she make mistakes,

Anybody does mistakes,

But she isn’t fine at all with her body.

She hates her body.

She feels clumpsy.

She comes back home.

Looking at the mirror.

“Skinny Girl, why are you so pretty ?

I’m fat.”


~ made by ‘Yuki’





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