Life is great.

Sometimes I don’t understand how life’s working.

I think I’ve understood, but in reality I didn’t.

I really didn’t understood anything.

Really ?

Sometimes I think that life is like roaller coaster.

Sometimes I think that life is like a river.

Sometimes I think that life is like a storm.

And sometimes life is a rainbow.

It’s funny how we can be sad.

How we can be empty.

And how we suddenly  can be happy again.

From sad to happy.

From empty to fulfilled.

Life is great.

We struggle and climb.

We care and don’t care.

We live careless.

We live carefull.

Life is great.

Life is like mountain hills and yet so exciting.

We dream and live.

We live to make our dreams come true.

We live.

Life is great.

Life is beautiful even if sometimes we don’t expect it to be.

Even if sometimes we doubt about life.

Even if sometimes we lose hope.

Life is great.

Stand up.

Look at the sky and smile.

Just smile.

You’ll see how beautiful it can be.

Just smile,

‘Cause life is great.


~ made by ‘Yuki’



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