Shut up: You’re annoying

Shut up: You’re annoying.

It really sucks my nerves.
I wouldn’t care, if I didn’t have something to remember.
But in fact I have a story to tell about.
I won’t do it know, because I have the moral to
But let me tell you one thing:
I’m not the person you think you know.
Because you don’t know anything.
All you know is what you have right before you.
But not what it contains.
Further more I’m a good actor, because what you wish to see
Is a difference between what I show you.
Sure I am who I am, but I wouldn’t even get the idea to show you the inner part of me.
This world is a mess.
It’s annoying to see how many people, are stressed with this system.
The ones who’re different won’t be accepted, because they chosed their own path.
They live their own life.
They’re a danger for the rest of the civilization.
A danger for the commercial world.
You know what ? I got to think a lot about everything that happened and happens,
And You know what ? … I’m really pissed of.
This intolerance really sucks my nerves.
There are people like YOU that relly pisses me of and that I find kind of annoying.
You think you know about others and make fun of them,
but you don’t even know a little thing about others:
So SHUT UP and WAIT until you CAN TELL more about one person.

~ made by ‘Yuki’


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