I fall

This was nothing, but a dream.
See ?
I loved you.
Since two years happened to pass, my heart had to beat for you.
You were never able to choose between one of those two answers.
You always spoke like I shouldn’t give up and than … After two years you choose to act.

I offered you my heart before two years, do you remember ?
Do you know what happens if you crush my heart ?
– It’ll die. Or rather feel like dead.
It’ll be broken.

If you think mental wounds are that easy to heal, than you’re wrong.
Wounds like this take years and maybe the whole life to heal.
It’s not like a broken arm or leg.

So If I faint now, it’s because I was naive enough to trust you my heart and you threw it away.

Well, “Thanks for killing me.”, is all I wanted to say.

~ made by ‘Yuki’


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